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What do you get when you combine a global roster of elite tech talent with turn-key solutions for interviewing, HR, taxes & compliance?

A product team that moves mountains.

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The remote revolution is here, are you ready?

The past year has proven without doubt that remote product teams vastly outperform their in-office counterparts.

That is why Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft are all reaping the benefits of a decentralised workforce by staying remote post-pandemic.
This is your chance to get a head start!

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Remote work is the future because it's flexible

Outperforming your competitors all about being adaptive. The ideal team for one project will no longer be ideal for the next.

Why try to find one person who can wear many hats, when you can have a team full of experts at no extra cost?


Eliminate costs associated with onboarding, HR, taxes and compliance


Stop basing your product roadmap on fuzzy estimates and empty promises


Don't miss another opportunity due to a lack of skills within your team

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A full-stack team is what you need to succeed

Every leading product team is made up of more than just software developers.

UX designers, QA testers, data scientists, DevOps engineers and business analysts are essential cogs in every product launch.


Eliminate unintuitive applications that require user training


Minimise annoying bugs that drive down user adoption


Reduce downtime due to maintenance and errors

How much time could you save?

No more multi-stage interviews

Reduce the onslaught of 1st, 2nd & final interviews down to just 1 hr/candidate

Manage output, not individuals

Your team will proactively adapt, learn & grow to meet your needs, as if by magic.

Simply forget about HR & legal

Seriously, just forget about it. One line item, one point of contact. Simple!

make it our problem

Scale your team like you scale your servers

Codemonk has refined the hiring process into an easy to use platform that business leaders love.

From selecting the perfect candidate, to managing HR and compliance, everything is exactly where you would expect it to be.

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Rigorous vetting for skill and culture fit

Codemonk is the culmination of decades of remote hiring and development experience, all packaged into an interface anyone could use.


Our screening begins with a technical test that any Silicon Valley giant would be proud of


We follow that up with a psychometric testing process to evaluate cultural fit


Finally, every developer will be interviewed by our retained team of senior developers

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A team that delivers on day one

Nobody can guarantee flawless execution, but our comprehensive system of checks and balances ensures that you will see any potential issues coming from miles away.


Your delivery manager proactively will identify any performance bottlenecks


We constantly review the needs of your product team and adapt it accordingly


Our in-house experts are on hand to manage delivery for special projects

Don't take our word for it

Startups and corporations alike are all reaping the benefits of the Codemonk platform, here's your chance to hear what they have to say

Codemonk eliminates the time it takes to find, manage and pay a top class product team, which gives us more time to focus on priority number one, our founders!
The Zilch app combines complex digital & financial services. Codemonk accelerated our roadmap by finding us the perfect mix of talent that we couldn't find elsewhere.

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Engage as you like


Hire top vetted Developers, Designers, Product Managers, Data Scientists and more, as and when you need.

Dedicated Teams

Build bespoke delivery teams to build your product, supported by our hands-on delivery management.

Standalone projects

Get your project delivery on-time, on-budget and on-quality using our fully managed delivery methodology.

Advance your product roadmap with the click of a button

As a standalone company, it is impossible to build a high-performing product team without navigating a minefield of mistakes, pivots and inefficiencies.

Our platform is a bridge over that minefield that will save you months of time, overheads and mental energy that you can instantly deploy elsewhere.

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