Our vision for

a better way to work

We have a bold new vision for the future of work: The creation of a truly borderless community of tech professionals — that goes beyond current emerging technologies, smart processes and our new ways of working from wherever we perform best.

We want to go further, towards a way of working that builds better through self- sufficient teams that are diversified and decentralised. And, by giving companies access to a truly global talent pool, we’re fulfilling our vision by allowing them to be agile and adaptive in a way that traditional office work can’t keep up with.

The CodeMonk platform is a watershed moment in redefining employer/employee working relationships. Now employers are able to assemble agile tech teams consisting of the best global talent faster and at a much lower premium. Meanwhile, employees are empowered by better pay, challenging projects, increased work flexibly and a more promising career development path.

Our vision is for a global shift in the remote working paradigm to achieve real equity — where success is shared and benefits everyone.

Our team

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to our dedicated team. Experts in their field here to help you build the perfect remote workforce.

Maulik S.

Founder & CEO

Prakash P.

Founder & CEO

Johanna B.

Brand Marketing Manager

Jose A.

Business Development Manager

Hanady Al.

Product Manager

Vivek R.

Agile Delivery Manager

Ajay M.

Business Development Manager

Nikhil B.

Business Development Manager

Jay Parekh

Partnership Manager

Brijen B.

Head of Global Operations

Our advisors

Leaders evangelising our purpose

Andrew Shannon

Partner, Startup Bootcamp

Yoann Turpin

Co-founder, WinterMute

Jérome Joaug

Partner, Aster Capital

Our investors

Backed by prominent VCs investing in the future of work

Stronger, and smarter, together

Benefit from the knowledge base of a truly international community, full of of talented engineers and like-minded individuals.