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Know recruitment scouts, or someone with tech know-how, that you think would be a great for CodeMonk?

Refer them to us as their talent ambassador — and earn up to £150 when they find their first role.

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Refer tech pros, and get paid once they land their first job or gig.

When they land a role, you’ll start earning.

Why become our ambassador?

Enjoy an effortless way to earn money and other rewards. Minimum effort, maximum opportunity.

Monetize your professional network with none of the hassle.

Earn cash and other exciting rewards like NFTs, bonuses & performance-based gifts.

Advance your knowledge and network, and become a member of a world-class Web3 community.

Receive industry news and access CodeMonk's exclusive coins and tokens.

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You get

They get

When your referral completes their profile on CodeMonk



When your referral gets vetted online



When your referral gets their first assignment



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Frequently asked questions

What is the CodeMonk Ambassador program?

The CodeMonk Ambassador program is an intiative that gives you the opportunity to refer both clients and tech professionals to our community, and make money while doing so.

How do I sign up as an Ambassador?

To become an ambassador you need to sign up and create an ambassador account on CodeMonk. You can do this right from your dashboard, where you can find your unique referral link which you can then share with as many people as you like.

When will I start earning referral fees?

You'll start earning as soon as a client posts their first job on the CodeMonk platform, or when a referred professional registered and completed their profile.

What are the terms for referring a tech professional?

You can find our T&Cs for a referring a tech professional <a href="">right here</a>.

What if I already have a CodeMonk account?

If you have a talent account or a client account with CodeMonk, you don't have to create a new account. A referral link, which you can send on to clients or professionals, can be found on your existing CodeMonk dashboard when you log in.

Who's eligable for the Ambassador program?

Anyone can become a CodeMonk Ambassador, whether you have one contact or over 100! If you know developers or engineers looking for new job opportunites, or would be just interested in exploring the CodeMonk community, you're eligible to become a bonafide ambassador. Similarly, if you know Managers, CTOs or CEOs who are currently hiring, we want to assist them finding the best talent for their team, and you can refer them to us using the Ambassador progam

What are the terms for referring a client?

You can find our T&Cs for a referring a client <a href="">right here</a>.

Should I sign up as a 'Talent' or an Ambassador?

If you're a tech talent looking to work remotely with exciting global companies, and are happy to go through our verifcation process, then please sign up as a CodeMonk talent.