Future of work

What exactly is a Freelance Developer?

The advent of digital technology has radically changed the labor landscape, such that employment is no longer limited to 9-to-5 jobs. It has given birth to the freelance economy - some say it is the future of work! One of the most in-demand workers in the freelance economy is the developer. But who are they and where did they come from?
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Why Your Product Development Teams Need to be more Agile

Tap in the global tech talent to enable a truly agile product development team to deliver product faster, better and cheaper
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Top tips to get the best out of your remote product teams

Based on our experience, we would like to share some of the tips that we believe can help you to get the best out of your product teams.
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How to become a top-rated CodeMonk talent?

At CodeMonk, we are a talent marketplace on a mission to enable product-led companies to build high-performing digital teams as per their ever-changing requirements and ecosystems.
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Why are outstaffing agencies out of fashion?

Know why out-staffing agencies are outdated and not fit for modern tech companies looking to build global teams
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Why is the employer-employee relation not fit for the modern workforce?

The modern workforce has undergone tremendous changes over the years, and one of the most crucial changes affects the employer-employee relationship. Read on to find our more about the disruptions happening now
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Why is Remote Working not the same as Freelancing?

Remote working is often confused with Freelance working, read on to know the difference between the two
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