How to become happy, smart and rich?

When typing in “are developers…” on google I get the suggestions “happy?” “smart?” “rich?”. What I was going for was: “are developers like normal people?” Now that Google got me curious, I need to dig deeper into what the other results are showing.
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Why is the employer-employee relation not fit for the modern workforce?

The modern workforce has undergone tremendous changes over the years, and one of the most crucial changes affects the employer-employee relationship. Read on to find our more about the disruptions happening now
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Why is Remote Working not the same as Freelancing?

Remote working is often confused with Freelance working, read on to know the difference between the two
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Our Vision for the Future of Work for Digital Product Teams

At CodeMonk, we are a talent marketplace on a mission to enable product-led companies to build high-performing digital teams as per their ever-changing requirements and ecosystems.
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