What exactly is a Freelance Developer?

The advent of digital technology has radically changed the labor landscape, such that employment is no longer limited to 9-to-5 jobs. It has given birth to the freelance economy - some say it is the future of work! One of the most in-demand workers in the freelance economy is the developer. But who are they and where did they come from?
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How to become happy, smart and rich?

When typing in “are developers…” on google I get the suggestions “happy?” “smart?” “rich?”. What I was going for was: “are developers like normal people?” Now that Google got me curious, I need to dig deeper into what the other results are showing.
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How to become a top-rated CodeMonk talent?

At CodeMonk, we are a talent marketplace on a mission to enable product-led companies to build high-performing digital teams as per their ever-changing requirements and ecosystems.
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Why are distributed global teams better than in-house teams for scale-ups?

Read about my personal experience of building digital products by working with diverse talent across global locations throughout my career and my insights about getting this right
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