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Zilch is the fastest-growing start-up in the “buy now pay later” with a current valuation of $500m+. We have been working with Zilch from their MVP to now being a European unicorn.

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“Zilch combines complex digital & financial services. CodeMonk is the right place where we can get the right mix of talent, certifications & compliance - all in one place.”

Sean Hederman

CIO - Zilch Technologies London, UK


In early 2018, Founder Philip Belamant started Zilch with an ambitiousvision to revolutionize the payments industry, specifically within the “BuyNow, Pay Later” (BNPL) space. BNPL allows consumers to spread payments foronline purchases over a period of time. E-commerce sites will often providethis on their checkout page, as payment option available to online shoppers.

Philip knew that launching Zilch wouldn’t be easy. They’d be going upagainst Klarna, Europe’s largest private fintech company, with $627 million intotal operating revenue in 2018. As a UK-based company, Zilch also had tocomply with strict EU regulations to protect consumer data and privacy.

Drawing insights from industry trends, it was clear to Philip and theZilch team that there was a massive opportunity to build a competitive BNPLproduct in the payments industry. By leveraging his own experience buildingfinance startups, and focusing on building a product that served the uniqueneeds of UK consumers, Philip had the edge that he needed.

However, Philip faced one major challenge in launching Zilch. He needed to figure out who was going to build it, and how.

Turning point

Zilch needed a partner that could not only source a product team, but manage and scale the team as needed through the entire product cycle–and they needed this done quickly.

Most of the potential partners Zilch interviewed were unable to deliver. These agencies charged exorbitant fees, had sprawling deadlines, and offered a very rigid approach to allocating tech talent. Zilch needed to start with a team that could grow organically, and could ebb and flow with the needs of the company.

They also needed a team that was able to build the product quickly. Zilch had a ruggedly ambitious goal of building and launching an MVP of the app in one month. Anything longer than that was essentially a gamble in terms of the survival of the company.

Philip was introduced to CodeMonk via a mutual connection. When it was clear that CodeMonk could provide the tech talent that was required, and that these teams were elastic, professional, and efficient, Zilch decided to move forward.


What followed was a round of discovery workshops, in which CodeMonk identified user needs and charted a detailed plan to put together the right product team for their MVP. Flexible dev teams were sourced for the project, with the team scaling from one dev, and remotely adding additional developer talent as needed.

One month later, CodeMonk not only delivered the MVP, but continued to allocate and scale teams for Zilch. These elastic teams allowed Zilch to iterate on core aspects of the product, fast-forward along their product roadmap and, ultimately, grow the company.

Since launching their app in 2018,Zilch has become a unicorn in the fintech space, securing numerous rounds of funding (attracting investors such as Goldman Sachs and DMG Ventures), and continuing to grow at an ever-increasing rate.

To this day, CodeMonk has been a key partner as Zilch continues to scale.

Perfect timing

See how CodeMonk helped Zilch get their product to market with time to spare.

To put together the perfect product team for Zilch’s MVP, we conducted discovery workshops to identify user needs, and charted a detailed plan for success.


We outlined a roadmap that scaled up from two developers to a remote cross-skilled team that was flexible, adaptive and precisely suited to Zilch’s project deliverables.


Zilch’s MVP release date was set to a strict deadline. We delivered a working team for them in just a matter of days, so Zilch could launch ahead of schedule.


CodeMonk found the right individuals and the right team to assist Zilch to their goal of delivering best in class customer satisfaction and user experience in the BNPL space.