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borderless teams

Custom-built applications to help you source the best


Team formation

Shape your team around your business needs and objectives, filling every requirement and knowledge gap.
Search Talent

Hire an entire team

Hire an entire, pre-assembled team in a matter of days. Faster and more efficient than hiring for one role at a time.
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Better matching

No more unpicking piles of CVs. See compensive breakdowns of individuals and their specific skills, knowledge base and work styles,
best talent

Talent marketplace

Scout a talent rich global marketplace of tech professionals based on skillset, experience, and more.
Job Board

Job board

Got a project in mind? Post your exact skillset requirements and match with the talent that’s right for you.

Application tracking system

Track in-bound applications for all your team requirement postings, giving you optimal oversight on who's on offer.
Clock Time

Interview scheduling

Book an interview at a time that suits you, all using the platform's dedicated scheduling function.

A complete toolbox of management features

Digital contracts
No need to worry about exchanging paperwork — thanks to digital contracts that are signed and sent in an instant.
Team dynamics
Get insights into the gaps within your team setup, as well as ways to remove those.
Performance reviews
Provide feedback and reviews as a way to track performance and keep your team on track.
Timesheet management
Review and approve timesheets all from your dashboard — and see exactly how each individual is being paid.
Consolidated monthly invoice
One handy single invoice giving you complete transparency on how much to pay each month.
Online payments
Make payments quickly and easily online pay using your preferred method.


Already working in an existing HR system? CodeMonk offers easy integration in order to streamline your workflow.


No need to worry about ticking compliance checkboxes — with all your data and security obligations already taken care of.

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Set up a bounty — a way to get ad-hoc projects delivered for a fixed price.
Custom Vetting
Need a candidate to demonstrate a particular skill or understanding? Simply set up a customisable assessment and put them to the test.