How CodeMonk

works for you

Build your dream team, all for free

Outline your ideal team setup

Define your perfect dream team, and then easily set it up.

Fill your positions

Start matching talent, and assign them into their dedicated roles.

Go to work!

Start developing your end product to final delivery.

Refining your search, to zero in on the top 1%

Outline your ideal team setup

Proof positive technical assessments

Interview with a top hire

A community-centric project

Ongoing 360° review

Hire simply the best

Take your pick from a global pool of top tech talent — all vetted and approved, and ready to bring their 'A' game and
unique skills to whatever project team
or delivery you have in mind.

Built around your needs

Providing everything, and everyone, you need — from solo contributors to fullstack teams. Plus experienced hiring managers will be happy to know we handle all the compliancy issues around local employment regulation at our end.

Build the perfect team

Looking for a high performing software
team? We don’t just match you with any candidate. CodeMonk goes beyond technical discipline, and deep dives into exactly the team players you’re looking for based on soft-skills, personalities, working style and more.

A single hub for team mangement

Fully accessible, fully integrated. The CodeMonk platform offers you an all-in-one resource management tool centred around a primary dashboard. Complete control 24/7.