How to become a top-rated CodeMonk talent?

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July 23, 2021

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Before we answer how to become a top-rated CodeMonk talent, let’s first understand why you would want to become one in the first place?

The answer is simple. As a top-rated CodeMonk talent, you are ranked higher by our job matching algorithm, ensuring that you have more chances of being matched with top employers who are competing amongst themselves to hire the best talent. Thus, being top-rated CodeMonk talent provides you with more and better opportunities and choices.

Building your reputation and talent is a key step to getting hired at CodeMonk. The fact is, employers are interested in working with professionals who have proven skills and results. Whereas you may not lose work because of not being top-rated, you could miss some good opportunities and career potential.

What can you do to become a top-rated talent at CodeMonk? Keep reading to learn more.

What does top rated mean?

Professionals with the top-rated ranking at CodeMonk are individuals with a reputation for delivering quality and consistent work.

You can only achieve this kind of rating after meeting not only the technical expertise required but also demonstrating better client servicing and team working. Doing so ensures you have the best chances of getting hired over and over while employers get the best talent on their teams.

How to become a top-rated talent?

Consider the following to help you become top-rated CodeMonk talent:

1. Update your profile to completion

You cannot become top-rated talent if you have a partially filled profile. Your profile is what introduces you to potential employers. That is the point at which they get to know more about you, long before contacting you.

Thus, it goes without saying if they come across a partially filled profile, they are likely to get the wrong impression. For instance, they may determine that you are lazy or unwilling to put in the hours to their work. If you cannot set aside time to complete your profile, what guarantee do they have that you will handle their work to completion?

From a technical perspective, the CodeMonk algorithm normally considers your profile as part of its ranking criteria. For that reason, you need to populate all your experiences on the profile so that the algorithm can perform an accurate background analysis. Adding all your projects helps build your skills graph, which essentially identifies all the skills — both technical and soft skills — which are then ranked as per your experiences with those.

2. Verify your profile

CodeMonk requires a 1:1 interview to verify your profile. Make sure that you complete this to get verified and get a blue tick on your profile.

The essence of this interview is to ascertain that your profile reflects your true identity. We do acknowledge that the Internet has a fair share of bad characters who may want to spoil the reputation of other people on the platform. For that reason, each profile undergoes a strict verification process to ensure only the best and genuine talent profiles are displayed to the employers.

Do not worry if you are one of those people who fear verification or interview processes. That’s because our friendly staff will guide you every step of the way and make it stress-free. You will not even feel as if you are in an interview!

3. Complete personality and team working assessments

All jobs and developers are unique. Thus, the CodeMonk algorithm is designed to consider not only skills requirements but also personality and working style requirements.

A person’s personality plays an important role in their ability to get the work done on their own and as a team. And if you happen to take over the leadership of the team, your personality and team working will influence effective communication, resolution of conflicts, decision-making, coaching, and skills enhancement.

When you complete personality and team working assessments at CodeMonk, you are positioned to work with the right persons and get the work done as desired.

4. Deliver on project KPIs

When you successfully complete the above requirements, you will get more working opportunities and will put employers in competition to attract you. Top companies are looking for top talents and would be willing to pay a premium for the same.

After getting that important project, our platform will monitor various KPIs and will also collect anonymous feedback from the employers as well your team across a number of different parameters.

To ensure you get the best ratings, you need to not only have the best technical skills but also demonstrate good team working, better communication skills, being proactive, and ensure you complete your work on time with good quality standards. We regularly collect feedback. Thus, aim at delivering top-quality work at all times.

Being a top-rated talent on CodeMonk, opens a plethora of opportunities for you to support your career goals — whether it’s to earn more, have more flexibility, become a recognized tech evangelist or relocation — you can achieve them all.

Now that you know why you should aim to become a top-rated talent and how to become one, are you ready to embark on this new era of remote working and disrupt the outdated employment models and make them fit for the 21st century?

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