What kind of reasons one might have to become a Freelancer?

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April 17, 2022

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As freelancing becomes more popular every year, individuals embrace it. 

More than a third of people have taken up freelancing in recent years.

If you question yourself why freelancing is the future? Or why should we choose freelancing as a career option?

Or think people adopt it out of necessity; you may be partially wrong. Instead, people are welcoming the freelance culture as a lifestyle.

Here are some stats that highlight the benefits of freelancing:

Whether you're considering freelancing as a side gig, part-time job, or full-time job, you're at the right place.

This article covers 11 good reasons to start your freelance career whether as a freelance developer or freelance technical expert.

Top Reasons To Start Your Freelance Career

There are hands down hundreds of reasons to choose freelancing as a career option. But don’t mistake freelancing as an always remote working option.

However, we don't want to overwhelm you.

We've listed 11 handpicked [tried and tested ;)] reasons for you.

Skim through or closely analyze them—the choice is all yours!

  1. Choose Your Clients

One of the first reasons to freelance is the privilege to choose your clients, clients who respect your time and work—and not someone who keeps throwing their tantrums.

You will come across many clients in your full-time office job that is insanely fussy, and you can't ignore but help them. 

It's not the case with freelancing.

It gives you the liberty to choose your clients. 

You can also put forward your conditions to avoid future discrepancies in freelancing.

  1. Do What You Love

Everyone loves to do what they love.

Freelancing allows you to follow your passion, writing, cooking, digital marketing, etc.

When you do what you love, your customers will appreciate your work. 

Customer satisfaction is a great feeling. 

You can tell they enjoy working with you when they come back from time to time for more work. 

  1. Dynamism

Do you know the last name of freelancing?

It's Dynamism!

By the time a full-fledged company thinks of starting a business, a freelancer might already have started working on it.

They have contacted the other freelancers with different backgrounds to join the team.

Moreover, freelancers are accustomed to receiving blows. 

When the contract term expires or, for some reason, the business does not work out; they can try something completely new and different the next day.

  1. Flexible Working Hours

With the fast pace of modern life, it's hard to balance work life and family life.

Wouldn't it be great if the working hours were more flexible? 

Freelancing gives you the liberty to work at any time of the day—whether it's early morning or late at night.

So if guests come over uninvited or have a party to host, you can manage it all with freelancing.

  1. Freedom

One of the benefits of freelancing is that you have far more freedom than working for someone else. 

You can choose your clients, rates, place of work, and time at your convenience.

You can also reject a request from a client if the job is demanding and does not reward you well. Therefore, you are not obligated to take on any assignments you are not interested in.

  1. 100% Job Security

Do you know when no one can fire you?

When you are your boss, you set your limits and deadlines. 

While freelancing does have its ups and downs, you will have absolute control over your career and finances in the long run.

That is superior to working for someone who may abruptly inform you that the company you have contributed to no longer requires your services.

  1. Location Flexibility

If we say you pick freelancing, you get the flexibility of working from anywhere. 

Wouldn't you be thrilled?

You may redesign your life by changing how you work. 

Once you have the contracts, you can set up wherever you like, be it Prague, Delhi, Paris, Cape Town, or  Rio de Janeiro.

It doesn't matter if you don't have a lot of savings in the bank. Thousands and thousands of freelancers have started from scratch.

Many entrepreneurs and freelancers have evolved into "digital nomads"  who are not tied to a specific location. 

Instead, they prefer working wherever they want and switching places regularly or semi-regularly.

  1. Multitasking

Who has a better chance of surviving economic downturns: 

  • A large corporation focused on a single activity or 
  • A business owner who can do five things simultaneously? 

In their work, freelancers are themselves. 

They continue to educate themselves, maintain an extensive network of contacts, and work hard to learn new skills that will help them be more competitive in their profession.

  1. No Extra Costs

The cost of utilities, technology, licensing, and operating a company out of an office facility has grown prohibitively expensive.

Jobs can fail due to the accumulation of these costs if the revenue is inadequate.

On the other hand, freelancers essentially have no added expenses beyond enrolling at freelancing sites such as Fiverr, ODesk, Freelancer, and UpWork to get started.

Even when they face more challenging situations, they can arrange at least bread and butter.

  1. No 'Dress Code'

If you don't like dressing up daily, there's no better choice than freelance.

Just put on the comfy t-shirt and pajamas, make yourself a coffee and sit down to work.

Dressing up might be fun occasionally, but it can also be stressful daily. 

Working from home in casual attire is a stunning gift from god. Consider how convenient it would be to carry whatever you want every day.

  1. Study With Work

If you are a student and got skills to show off, freelancing might be a lucrative option.

You can devote most of your time to your studies while freelancing as a side hustle.

Moreover, when you hop on the freelancing bandwagon, each project will bring something new. 

It will also provide you with an opportunity to broaden your skill set. 

Throughout the process, you are likely to learn new things.

Key Takeaway to Start Your Freelance Career

We have listed one less a dozen reasons to start your freelance career.

However, this list is only a vast and booming industry vignette.

There can be many other popular reasons that we might not have listed above.

Take your time to think about which one appeals to you the most.

If you’re planning to adopt freelancing as a career option, there’s no looking back.

However, remember there are equal advantages and disadvantages, and you'll need self-control to get through this.

Of course, you can always be kinder to yourself. 

And nothing is stopping you if you have excellent management skills and know where to set your limitations.

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