New Onboarding Flow - 29th Nov 2021

November 29, 2021

We believe Curriculum Vitae and Resume are no longer suitable for modern talent to showcase individual skills and strengths. These are outdated and hence we have redesigned our new talent onboarding flow. This is our first step to capture your key skills and preferences, so that our algorithms can match you with employers and roles that not only pays you well but also helps you to be at your best.

Introducing SkillsGraph

Showcase your best skills and experiences to potential employers. Simply add all your key projects to your profile and our platform will automatically generate your SkillsGraph to showcase your strongest skills.

Showcase your key Projects

We have changed the way you add projects to your profile. You can now add your key experience on the project and the project images to make those more attractive on your profile. Please note that you will need to add atleast 3 projects for your profile to be activated on the platform.

Define your Preferences

We have updated the way we capture your work preferences. This enables us to better match you with relevant new opportunities.  

Support for both Freelance and Permanent Roles

We have now enabled you to define your preferred work contract. You can select to work as a Permanent Employee or as a Freelancer, or both. As a Freelancer, you can also choose to bill through your Personal Services (PSC) or Umbrella Companies.