Timesheets & Billing - 13th September 2021

September 13, 2021

During this summer, we collaborated with our talent network and made changes to the timesheet feature to reduce errors and for you to get paid faster. Please read on to understand these changes and the actions you need to take.  

From Day rates to Hourly rates

We have changed our primary billing from day rates to hourly rates to allow for more flexible billing. We automatically calculated the hourly rates for all the talents and updated their profiles. Please review your profile and ensure that you have the correct hourly rates.

Hourly Timesheets

We changed the timesheets to enable you to log hours for all the days worked. From now on, you will be able to log hours and minutes for each week days. However, as before, you will only be able to submit one timesheet per project per week. Additionally, we will cap the daily rate at 7.50*Hourly rate. For any overtime payments, please get a pre-approval from your client or project delivery managers. They will provide instructions for you to claim for this overtime via your weekly timesheet.

Timesheets Approval

Once submitted, the client will have a maximum of 7 calendar days to approve your timesheet. The system will automatically approve the timesheet if no action taken by the client.  

Billing & Payout

The system will automatically generate a tax invoice for the approved timesheet. It will automatically calculate VAT for all UK based freelancers invoicing via LTD company. We will use this tax invoice to make your payment on a bi-weekly basis.